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Stratus™ Medical exhibited at the NANS 23rd Annual Meeting at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas from January 23rd to the 25th.

The 23rd Annual NANS meeting held in Las Vegas from January 23rd to the 25th had close to 2,000 attendees. This scientific program attracted physicians specializing in interventional pain medicine, neurosurgery and neurology to learn about advancements in the field of neuromodulation and interventional pain medicine.

NANS provided a great forum to launch Stratus Medical, which was formed in December 2019. The Stratus Medical booth featured our foundational technology, Nimbus, which provides a large and optimally shaped lesion to treat chronic pain. It was great to connect with so many interested physicians, and share how Nimbus could add value to their practice for routine or challenging clinical RF scenarios. We conducted live inanimate tissue demonstrations at the booth, which allowed the physicians to see Nimbus in action. We were very appreciative of NANS to be included in this event and look forward to next year! 

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