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Lesão de grande volume. Alívio da dor sustentada.

Tratamento intervencionista da dor Os médicos pedem um dispositivo de ablação por radiofrequência (RF) fácil de usar e econômico, que forneça um grande volume e uma lesão de formato ideal. A Nimbus atende a essa necessidade não atendida, oferecendo um grande volume de 601 mmprolate spheroid lesion to treat pain.5

Interventional Pain Medicine Physicians have been asking for an easy to use and cost-effective radiofrequency (RF) ablation device that provides a large volume and optimally shaped lesion. Nimbus delivers on this unmet need providing a large volume 601mmprolate spheroid lesion to treat pain.5

Our physician customers appreciate the simple “down the beam” or perpendicular approach with Nimbus for routine RF scenarios and find Nimbus especially valuable in challenging RF scenarios including post lumbar spine surgery, large joint, & sacroiliac joint applications. Nimbus is compatible with most commercially available RF systems and can reduce overall treatment cost compared to other large lesion RF options. 

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