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Stratus Medical is a medical device company focused on reducing pain and suffering and improving the quality of life for chronic pain patients through innovation.  Stratus Medical is headquartered in Magnolia, TX, 30 minutes North of Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport. 

Our leading technology, the Nimbus Multitined Expandable Electrode was invented by a pain medicine physician who wanted a large volume radiofrequency lesion to reduce the anatomical uncertainty when treating targeted nerves with the goal to provide predictable and sustained pain relief.  Nimbus directly addresses the limitations of cooled RF technology as it is easy to use, requires no special equipment and is cost effective for all points of care. 

In 2012 Nimbus received FDA clearance and CE mark. Nimbus is now available in six countries and expanding rapidly. Stratus Medical will continue to innovate and deliver new products to market.


Melhore os resultados clínicos para pacientes com dor crônica, avançando a tecnologia de RF.


Reduzir a dor e o sofrimento e melhorar a qualidade de vida de pacientes com dor crônica.


Estamos inovando e educando para melhorar a qualidade de vida de pacientes com dor crônica.

Trataremos todos os médicos, clínicos, hospitais e partes interessadas da maneira que gostaríamos de ser tratados.

Estamos comprometidos com os mais altos padrões éticos e de qualidade para nossos produtos utilizados no tratamento de pacientes.